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We have a range of options so you can spend more time at home with your family or simply remove the stress about getting to work on time after the school run. We offer part-time, reduced hours or remote working arrangements.

Not missing out on the school run 

“I work around the school run,  dropping my son before I head to work and leaving work in time to pick him up. It means a lot to me to have that extra time to be with him.”

Malwina King


Job sharing works a dream

“I wanted to work less hours, to be at home more but after building up my desk for 17 years at Sigmar, I couldn’t figure out how I would manage it. Thanks to Sigmar, I was given the option to job share with another colleague who wanted to return from work after maternity leave."

Lorraine McGovern

Executive Recruitment Consultant

Getting to be at home more

"My wife and I just had our first child. I use Sigmar’s flexible option to work from home 2 days a week to avoid the commute from Warrenpoint and to be at home with my new baby."

Sean Kerr


The flexibility to be at home when needed 

"It’s great being able to work from home when my daughter is on midterm or have flexible working hours around school exam time so I can support her."

Kate McGuinness

Manager, Managed Services


We have a range of options so you can travel or live in another country while working for Sigmar. We offer consultants an option of 6 months off to go travelling or have remote working options.

We are also part of a global recruitment company Groupe Adéquat, giving staff the opportunity to work abroad in France, The Netherlands, Belgium or Canada.

Freedom to work and travel

“Sigmar has been incredible. I really wanted to head off travelling and Sigmar not only agreed to a career break of a year but I was offered the opportunity to work remotely which gave me the chance to see lots of new places without any worries. I ended up travelling for 18 months in Canada, Mexico, Brazil and Argentina and was even flown home for our Christmas party in France.”

Jamie Harnett

Associate Director

I had to move country, not my job

"My partner was recently relocated for work to London. After telling my boss at Sigmar, I was given the opportunity to work remotely in London. This has been amazing for me and my partner.”

Vlad Pop

IT Recruitment Consultant


Sigmar promotes health and wellbeing for our staff. As well as offering free unlimited health coaching sessions for all staff and their families, we have an online health platform where staff can access modules and resources on nutrition, mental wellbeing and physical health.


When government regulations allow we provide onsite classes for yoga, boxing, meditation as well as running numerous sporting events throughout the year.


If you are an experienced recruiter returning to work, or looking to work the hours that give you a better balance between your home and work life, give me a call on

+353 86 604 3375 or connect with me on LinkedIn

Elaine Dolan, Internal Recruiter

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